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Ordinary to digital retailers: A dream is coming true!

Aslam is a resident of a small village in Shibpur Upazila of Narsingdi. All the awesome stories that are happening now in his little tea stall, still look like a dream to him! For so many years, his tea stall, where people used to come only to drink tea and hang out, is now the place where villagers can get almost all products, they could usually only purchase from big shopping malls.

Reliable digital services in your neighborhood: Impacting Customers’ Life

Fahim, a resident of Dumuria Upazila in Khulna, has no big shopping mall near his village. If people in his village want to buy a phone or any other product of a renowned brand, they have to go to the Upazila Sadar, far from the village. But for the past four-five months, the villagers did not have to go to the market for shopping. Because all the products people usually buy from big shopping malls are now available in their local small shops.

One step ahead with Bangladesh Government on building a Digital Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Government is committed to turning Bangladesh, which was previously known as one of the world’s least developed countries, into a digitally developed nation by 2021. The vision is widely known as “Digital Bangladesh”. Expressing solidarity with the Bangladesh Government’s vision to build a digital Bangladesh, Agami Limited aims at minimizing the service inequality across the nation and upgrading the lifestyle of mass by making digital technology accessible to all.