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Agami Limited

Agami Limited is a people-centric business platform. We strive to provide the finest services in the industry to the nation and its people. Our goals are aligned with the Bangladesh Government’s vision to build a digital Bangladesh and our company has a similar vision to improve the quality of digital services across the nation. Our goal is to minimize service inequality and upgrade the lifestyle of people by making digital technology accessible to the general public, integrating it into their daily lives, and providing top-notch services through our digital platform.

We Are
The Future

We have taken a vow to minimize the service inequality and provide superior quality services and products across the nation for a better future.

We, a bunch of fresh and young minds, are committed to providing our honest and best efforts to upgrade the lifestyle of people through the convenience of digital technology.


We are a people-centric business platform dedicated to achieving sustainable growth by creating value for our digital service consumers.


We believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to access advanced, seamless digital services as well as quality products to help improve their standard of living.


We aim to minimize service inequality across the nation and provide superior quality services and products through our advanced process.

Our Services

We provide multiple omnichannel services across the nation by leveraging our seamless distribution system band through the usage of digital services.

Shopoth is a retail-based eCommerce site for everyone that aims to provide an online shopping experience through trusted retail stores, with authentic products, faster delivery and superior customer support.


Onkur is a new rice brand introduced by Agami Ltd. that guarantees the best quality of rice at your diet through direct involvement in every step of the process chain and ensuring right value and care to involved stakeholders





Agami Limited
Est. 2020


Join the AGAMI team with endless opportunities to grow professionally and drive success for our customers.

Working at

Agami limited emphasizes continuous learning, development, and innovation in the workplace to provide you with a diverse, collaborative, and learning environment. We believe that by fostering skills and knowledge, each individual can make a positive difference in the world and together create a better tomorrow.

Why Join Agami

Our culture is defined by our core values of integrity, respect, accountability, and excellence, where teamwork is fueled by a collaborative environment that fosters innovation and values diversity, inclusion, and ideas in the workplace. Our core values include:

RESPECT: We value and appreciate each person’s unique ideas, processes, and insights.

ACCOUNTABILITY: As part of our responsibility, we ensure that each employee evolves as an individual and as a team with essential corporate skills.

TEAM PLAY: We ensure and encourage cooperation, trust, and participation while communicating across functional boundaries.

LEADERSHIP: We value and empower each employee to develop their self-leadership skills and prepare to become the next corporate tycoon.

Job Opportunities at Agami

Bring your enthusiasm, skills, and dedication, and we’ll work with you to help you develop as a person and make a positive impact.

There are currently no vacancies.

Please send your CV at and we will get back to you soon

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    Level 8, SKS Tower
    7 VIP Road, Mohakhali
    Dhaka – 1206, Bangladesh


    +880 2-55058320


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